Implementation Strategies


We work with communities to address every facet of downtown revitalization;


- Master Planning                           - Grant Writing           - Strategic Planning

- Nuisance Property Mitigation       - Fundraising               - Capacity Building

- Non-Profit Management               - Public Input              - Local Legislation 

- Board Development                     - Placemaking             - Business Development

- Streetscape Renovations              - Marketing                 - Branding 

experience matters

We can meet all of your revitalization needs 

The best laid plans require additional steps to become a reality. We go beyond other firms in this regard and assist communities in making their plans a reality. We ensure your plans are executed.  


Plans are many, but often times resources are not. We have extensive experience working with funders and can help your community find and acquire the dollars needed to move your project from a plan to a reality. 

Main Street Services

A vibrant downtown is critical to the health of a community as a whole. It affects the economy, residents quality of life, real estate values and the tax base. We assist communities with all their revitalization needs. 


A great determinant of success is planning. Communities that want to ensure better days ahead invest in making good decisions before they have to be made. We help communities plot out a course for a successful tomorrow. 

Because Everyone deserves to love where they live 

"preserving Pride

     building community"