We understand communities need assistance getting started. We work to help cities and towns to best understand where they need to focus their revitalization efforts. Through the Vibrant Communities Assessment, we evaluate the 5 Pillars of Vibrant Communities and provide guidance for addressing any deficincies in those areas. The final result will be a comprehensive report detailing the action steps to needed to make meaningful change in the community and start building a town residents can love and investors can feel confident in their returns. 

Five Areas of Assessment
Retail/Real estate
Organizational health
Community engagement/Civic pride
Sense of place/Aesthetics

Existing Conditions Analysis
Stakeholder meetings
Community guided tour
Self guided tour/secret shop
Ordinance review 
Pertinent document review 

Final Product
Public presentation
Written Report

Day 1 - Self guided tour, stakeholder meetings
Day 2 - Guided tour, continued stakeholder meetings, assessment team recommendation development
Day 3 - Community recommendations public presentation
30 days - Completed written report

Costs - $12,000, not including travel 

Vibrant Communities Assessment

a strategic Assessment of the five pillars of vibrant communities