- Retail/Retail

- Organizational Health

- Marketing/Branding

- Community Engagement/Civic Pride 

- Sense of Place/Aesthetics

- Branding
- Shared Story
- Aesthetics
- Social 
- Civic Engagement

- Visioning

- Community Input

- Charettes

- Conceptual Design

- Legislation

- Developer Due Diligence 

​- Public Support

​- Code Enforcement 

- Design

- Promotion

- Economic Development

- Promotion

- Detailed Estimates

- Sources and Uses of Funds

- Project Scheduling

- Internal Funds Structuring

- Funds Identification

- Application Preperation

- Political Support Coordination

- Detailed Cost Estimating

our goal

aligning community actions and aspirations

Revitalization is no easy task. It is a complicated, multi-faceted, dynamic endeavor, but it's critical to the health of every community. We understand all the moving parts and can assist your efforts to ensure success. All too often, what a community wants does not reflect what initiatives are taking place. We work with local government and non-profits to gather community input and develop a strategic action plan that reflects the desires of the community and provides direction and support. We work to align the aspirations of a community with it's actions.