Zelienople, PA

After almost 200 years of incorporation, the Borough of Zelienople witnessed their downtown core suffer from increased vacancies and lack of maintenance. To remedy this situation, the Borough of Zelienople desired to transform their historic downtown business district into a thriving economic center conducive to further economic development. To this end, DRS was retained to provide comprehensive downtown revitalization assistance, offering turnkey services to the understaffed municipality.

Culver, IN

The effects of COVID19 have impacted the economy of Culver and their recreational or tourism-based economy. As a result of the potential downtown in economic conditions, their local community revitalization non-profit (Develop Culver) was desirous to take advantage of this opportunity and diversify their economy. Through this economic resiliency plan, the community of Culver was provided with a set of guidelines ore recommendations that will help implement a more sustainable and locally based economy.

Individualized Plans for Unique Clients

Unlike many planning firms, our philosophy is not to just “create” plans, but a “toolbox” of recommendations and goals that represent a unified vision for the community. It is through these tools that the community is able to successfully implement and rally around community revitalization efforts. Provided below are a few examples of projects our company has either been a prime consultant or sub-consultant for:

Moab, UT

This community is an internationally recognizable tourism destination known for outstanding natural resources. While their tourism has created a strong economy, it has left a void of services and amenities for local residents necessary to sustain long-term residents. Click on the image above to review the plan.

Manchester, Pittsburgh, PA

As part of a larger multi-discipline team, Downtown Redevelopment Services worked with the Manchester Neighborhood within the City of Pittsburgh to create a neighborhood plan. Through this participatory planning process, the community was provided with a set of implementable and attainable goals for the next ten (10) years. Click on the image above to review the plan.

Harmony, PA

Harmony, PA is a small Borough about 20 miles North of Pittsburgh, originally founded by German settlers creating a new homestead where they could practice religious freedom. Over the many years of this communities history, the buildings and community character has remained, creating a uniquely “Germanic” community that is proud of their history. In recent years there has been disinvestment within the Downtown, yet the community is looking to reinvest in their community and capitalize on their well preserved German square. 

Heber City, UT

Heber City has witnessed exponential growth in the last two (2) decades, creating additional pressure on the downtown corridor and forcing recent business/retail growth to the periphery of town. To remedy this, the community came together to provide a unified vision for the downtown corridor. Click on the image above to review the plan.

Houlton, ME

Houlton Maine is a community with a rich history and an outstanding architectural character. Their community is made up of strong individuals whom are vested in the longevity and sustainability of their community. In order to help reinvigorate their downtown and create a common goal or set of action items, the community decided to undergo the Revitalization Roadmap process. The Revitalization Roadmap prepared for this community will help create implementable goals for the short and long term. 

Helper, UT

This artistic community has a storied history of working with, and providing services to the railroad. While the railroad still made a stop in town, the community saw a downturn in economic prosperity and was desirous to undertake a visioning and planning exercise to identify the highest and best use for their last remaining piece of public land along the railroad. Click on the image above to review the plan.

Cokeville, WY

Cokeville Wyoming is a small town on the West side of the State with a year round population of 550 people. Their community was once a thriving Town with multiple downtown corridors and destinations or amenities for residents to frequent. Since the 1960’s the community has witnessed a large amount of disinvestment and deferred maintenance, causing all but three (3) original buildings to be demolished. Desiring to retain the architectural elements that remained and reinvest within the downtown, Cokeville retained DRS for the Revitalization Roadmap process. 

Fairplay, CO

In early 2019, Park County vacated the property at 501 Main Street in Fairplay, choosing to relocate to their newly constructed facility within the Town limits. Noting the potential of the building, the Town purchased the structure and underwent a comprehensive adaptive reuse assessment to identify the highest and best use for the property. The Building Transformation Strategies service was utilized to complete this study and prepare sustainable scenarios for the short, mid and long term future of the building. 

Beaver Falls, PA

Beaver Falls is a “rust belt” community north of Pittsburgh, PA that has seen a severe economic downturn. The downtown corridor was plagued with vacant properties, dilapidated buildings and an apathetic population. To remedy this the municipality hired Downtown Redevelopment Services to conduct a comprehensive downtown plan to identify a unified vision for the downtown corridor, ultimately creating a sense of place for residents to identify with. Click on the image above to review the plan.