Sample Roadmap Document

Click on the image above to download a sample of a recently completed Revitalization Roadmap

The contest rules are as follows:

  • All Main Street Organizations, both accredited and non-accredited, and municipalities are eligible to enter the contest
  • The entry form (link above and below) must be finalized by the contest entry deadline of May 22, 2020
  • The random drawing be completed on May 29, 2020
  • The three drawn Main Street Organization’s will be notified by Downtown Redevelopment Services on or before June 5, 2020
  • All awarded Roadmaps will be scheduled with the winning cities as soon as possible but may be delayed by the current restrictions associated with travel restrictions and social distancing
  • The Revitalization Roadmaps offered will include all services standard with this process, including:


The selection will be made by random generation of our data portal softwareType your paragraph here.

As all of you are most certainly aware, the Main Street Now Conference for 2020 has recently been cancelled. Understanding that the potential cancellation will impact all of your main street communities, and in the spirit of helping main streets thrive in this current economic/health crisis, we have decided to offer a contest that is open to all Main Street organizations in every state. This contest was originally designed for implementation at the conference, but in light of the cancellation, we are making it a virtual contest.  We are pleased to announce to you and your associated Main Street organizations our contest which includes the award of three Revitalization Roadmaps, streamlined and action-oriented downtown plans,  to three different cities at a 50% reduction in cost, or a reduced total cost of $9,500.  Below you will find a link for the Revitalization Roadmap service and several recently completed samples. In order to be considered for the contest please provide the necessary information for your organization by following the below link. Once your information has been received, the point of contact will receive a verification email within 48 hours.

About the Revitalization Roadmap
Click on the image above to download a flyer about the service


Please feel free to reach out to the Downtown Redevelopment Services staff, contact information below, with any questions about the process and revitalization roadmap process.
Ben Levenger
Downtown Redevelopment Services
(M) 330-212-2260
Please make sure to have your entry submitted by end of business day on May 22nd, 2020.
We look forward to bringing this unique contest to the impacted communities in lieu of the 2020 Main Street Now conference. 

  1. Public participation meeting/s
  2. Online and print surveys
  3. Stakeholder meetings
  4. Community assessment
  5. Community visioning and goal setting
  6. Strategic recommendation creation