What is the goal? 

Property Activation is a community-driven process to evaluate, plan and implement a sustainable future of underutilized Main Street property.

We are prepared to help guide you through the process and develop an individualized plan to reach the property's highest potential use and maximum return on investment.

Setting Goals. Preparing Strategies. Building Partnerships.

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What is a property Activation report?

How We help through the process?

We have developed a comprehensive report which allows you to begin the process of activating properties within your downtown. You can download this document today at no cost by filling out the contact form above. After you fill out the short form, we will email you the document within 48 hours.

We are on standby to help guide you through filling out the forms and to develop a plan to activate your properties. We offer a wide range of service tailored to the needs of your community including, but not limited to the following:

  • Community-tailored instruction videos
  • One-on-one virtual and/or in-person meetings
  • Community site visits
  • Community-tailored property activation plans

What is the process?


Preparing an easy-to-follow and documentable process will help each community implement the property activation reports effectively and efficiently. Outlined below is a high-level review of the process. Additional detail can be provided to individuals or organizations interested in implementing the process.

  • Review business and building inventories
  • Compiling a list of vacant properties
  • Preparing an educational event to engage the property owners
  • Preparing property activation plans (available for download), including offering assistance to individual owners as necessary
  • Gathering documentation and reports
  • Preparing a database and reviewing for prioritization or implementation assistance

The goal of the property activation reports is to create an actionable plan that will guide property owners through the process of realizing their property’s highest potential use and maximizing their return on investment. Detailed goals include:

  • Strategizing spaces and available uses for the entirety of the building
  • Preparing a diversified and attainable matrix of tenants
  • Documenting needed upgrades and improvements
  • Outlining opportunities to partner with the local Main Street or municipality for grants to undertake critical projects
  • Preparing a framework for property renovation, including timeframes and resources necessary
  • Outlining where partnerships between local agencies and private owners cna be utilized

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Property Activation Reports