A downtown corridor is vital to any successful community. In past centuries, a vibrant downtown was the center for all activity within a community, where commerce, dining and entertainment happened. Despite the historical success and necessity for such facilities, in recent decades, downtown corridors have been let slip into disrepair and deterioration. In order to set a community apart from the surrounding communities it is vital, especially for small to medium sized communities, to provide a unique and historically accurate downtown for local and regional users to enjoy. Downtown Redevelopment Services (DRS) specializes in comprehensive downtown planning to provide turn-key solutions for municipalities, offering services from initial conception through ribbon-cutting. Typical downtown planning services provided by RWS are as follows:

-Community Input
-Community Charettes
-Existing Infrastructure Review
-Community Visualization
-Conceptual Design
-Three-Dimensional Renderings
-Master Planning
-Implementation Strategies
-Internal Funding Structures Assistance
-Grant Preparation
-Preliminary Design
-Construction Design
-Fiscal Administration
-Fiscal Audit


A downtown corridor is the lifeblood of any community