Downtown Revitalization Consultant - Retainer Services 

Access to downtown revitalization professionals for a fraction of the cost
Strategies used by main street organizations and communities to facilitate downtown revitalization are changing and adapting to meet the needs of each individual community. Understanding that each community needs specific and action-oriented goals to create the catalyst for revitalization, Downtown Redevelopment Services is pleased to offer retainer consulting for all Main Street or small to medium sized communities. This style of consulting service will provide each community with a low cost entry point for year-round access to industry professionals who can help each community set and attain revitalization goals. 

In support of our streamlined planning, many of our clients continue to request follow-up services to further the vision and goals created from Breakthrough Planning and the Revitalization Roadmap. Our firm also offers the below downtown planning services:

  • Downtown Master Plans

  • Municipal Strategic Plans

  • Community Visioning and Goal Setting

  • Main Street Organization Services

Development Readiness Initiative 

Preparing Your Community for Redevelopment

A downtown is only as strong as the merchants, tenants, and services that support the local community. In order to offer appropriate styles and densities of development to meet community needs, a community must be proactive about development. To become proactive, your community must become “Development Ready”. This process will ensure that the needed services or amenities are provided to your community, creating a sustainable economic engine and tax base. 

Revitalization Roadmap   

Setting the Course to a Vibrant Main Street

Before undertaking any important process or journey to a destination, a community must prepare a clear and concise roadmap to ensure it is achieved. At DRS we understand the importance of setting a destination and charting a clear course to implementation. After working with hundreds of communities through a similar process,  we have developed the Revitalization Roadmap process to serve as a streamlined alternative to the traditional planning services. By working, hands-on, with communities through the downtown revitalization process, we have been able to identify and remove unnecessary steps, focusing on the most important issues. This streamlined process allows us to complete a more pertinent and implementable project in a shorter period of time, all while providing a cost savings leaving more money for implementation.


Building Transformation Strategies   

Conducting a detailed analysis and preparing a detailed plan for implementation

Communities often struggle with landmark buildings that are vacant or blighted. Even more communities struggle to identify what the best use is for these underutilized facilities. The Building Transformation Strategies will help outline a highly productive, sustainable and economically viable set of uses for underutilized buildings. This service includes a comprehensive building analysis, GAP market analysis and detailed financial projections or forecasting; clearly outlining highly attainable goals for an adaptive re-use project. 


Vibrant Community Assessment  

Identifying what makes your community feel like home

The Vibrant Community Assessment is a comprehensive analysis completed to identify the elements of a strong community. This analysis goes well past the typical infrastructure or streetscape analysis completed as part of a comprehensive or general plans, and focused more on how residents and visitors interact with the community, built environment and one another. By undertaking this assessment communities will better understand where their community is at and what the community needs or desired to truly feel like a home. 


Unlike other planning firms, we don't offer every service. This allows us to specialize in the work we do best and find most meaningful. Our core services provide meaningful and implementable strategies for revitalizing downtowns, because that is our passion and what we feel will make the most impact on the quality of life for small to medium sized communities. We aren't able to be all things to all clients, but we will be the best revitalization consultant that you can hire.