helping to leverage local dollars against grants for a more comprehensive project

As taxpayer dollars and revenue become more difficult to appropriate to projects, the needs for grants and outside funding assistance becomes more necessary. Grant writing and financial acquisition are vital steps in the process. Services for our successfully funded projects go well beyond simple application preparation and include the following:

  • Grant/Funds identification
  • Use and Source of Funds
  • Application Preparation (including attachments)
  • Political Support Coordination
  • Detailed cost estimating

While preparing the grant applications and acquiring the funds is a major milestone for projects, the larger and more laborious part of grant funding is still to come. After successful award of funds, many grants have additional requirements prior to, during and after funds disbursement. Most professionals that prepare grants do not or are not willing to complete these necessary components of projects funded by grants. RWS provides the following services to allow for a quick, seamless and effective process for our clients:

  • Special Conditions Preparation
  • Fiscal Administration
  • Final Funding Eligibility Review
  • Grant Draw Down Preparation
  • Prevailing Wage/Davis-Bacon wage rate interviews
  • Certified Payroll Reviews
  • Funds Tracking
  • Contractor Grant Compliance Paperwork
  • Grant Audit Support