Community Pride PRogram 

Combating Apathy and restoring pride one town at a time 

The Community Pride Program is a service developed to assist cities in their efforts to build a stronger sense of community and increase civic pride. Through the Pride Program, your city will start a campaign targeting five focus areas and employing the expertise, passion and efforts of the community at-large.


  • On-site meeting with community champions to shape the Pride Program in order to best address  specific community issues and identify campaign details
  • On-going communication to frame the event kick-off and campaign brand details
  • Distribute Civic Pride Survey
  • Campaign kick-off event presentation and program explanation
  • On-site meeting with community champions
  • Meet with Community Action Teams to discuss Five Focus Areas
    • Branding
    • Shared Story
    • Aesthetics
    • Social
    • Civic engagement
  • Quarterly educational presentations, CAT team meetings and progress assessments
  • Conduct follow-up Civic Pride Survey
  • Campaign conclusion event presentation including survey results
  • Includes on-going telephone and email consultation
  • Includes any issue specific on-site meetings

While this process is developed and assisted by the consultant, the key for its success is to be community led and community driven. The concept being that the community knows best what it wants and will have far more buy-in by developing their own projects. The campaign aspect is key to reducing organization barriers and any territorial concerns inherent in such efforts. This campaign is open to all and anyone can participate in any form they choose. It leverages the expertise, knowledge and know-how of the entire community. Efforts will not be relegated to committees, but to everyone in all forms. The campaign will be ongoing, at all times, everywhere in the city. The community itself will be involved in documenting its campaign on social media channels, making it available and visible to everyone. The end result will be a community that feels empowered, proud and closer together.