Breakthrough Strategic Planning 

Because your mission is to important to go unmet 

When a non-profit organization fails to meet its mission, it is squandering limited community resources and wasting people’s valuable time. Listening to the same reports month after month is what leads to apathy and board member burnout. Lowering standards in an effort to improve the board is counterintuitive. Breakthrough Strategic Planning addresses these issues by fostering frank conversations about what it takes to meet an organization’s mission and why it's critical to have high expectations. High expectations coupled with accountability measures ensures success. 

Breakthrough Strategic Planning goes beyond simply identifying goals and assigning responsibilities. The typical downtown organization has a structural misalignment between organizational aspirations and day-to-day actions. Breakthrough planning works to recognize and address those discrepancies and place actions directly in alignment with aspirations. The work of revitalization is critical to the economic and social health of communities and therefore steps must be taken to ensure valuable resources are not  being squandered.

Unlike traditional strategic planning, Breakthrough Planning goes beyond reviewing mission statements and developing a set of goals. By fostering honest conversations about the shortcomings of an organization and the lack of concrete expectations, it becomes possible to “breakthrough” to a new level of capacity while combating board apathy.

Board member roles and responsibilities
Staff roles and responsibilities
Organization objectives
Mission statement effectiveness
Short term goals
Wild aspirations
Project team approach
Confirm commitment

Increased board engagement
Effective mission statement
Board member expectations outline
Project team development
Organization objectives alignment
Short term goals
Wild aspirations plan
Implementation strategies
Accountability measures