Too many municipalities are struggling to face the reality of a changing economy, clinging to the outdated model of commuting to and from work and living for a paycheck. This method merely promotes individuals and families feel they must relocate to seek increased opportunity and a better way of life. Things do not need to stay this way, and if they do it will continue to erode the fabric of each and every community. 

We are passionate about making small and midsize communities competitive with larger cities by helping them create a high quality of life and sustainable economies. We do this by empowering local city leaders and community members to take control of their town and create a place worth loving. We believe that everyone should live in a city worth loving and that is why we do the work we do.


There is a richness and deep sense of belonging that comes from living in a tight-knit community. Unfortunately, fewer people than ever are having the opportunity to experience what life is like in such places. This reality is having irreversible impacts on our individual lives and our community as a whole. As downtowns have declined across the country, our sense of community has followed suit. This is because when people don't have a common place to gather, they stop getting together and what once held communities together, no longer does. As a result of this individual residents continue to grow apart and become more isolated. The common ties that once brought us together no longer exist, and this is why we do the work we do. We understand how important it is that we rebuild pride in our communities and bring people back together. Downtown is not just a place, but the center of every community.

Downtowns are an integratal component to a vibrant community and we can't allow them to decline. 


We stand for transparency in all the work we do. There is too much work to get done within small to medium sized communities to be indirect about the truth. We believe a vibrant downtown is critical to creating healthy and strong communities; and when downtown no longer serves as the hub of a city, the city no longer has a this critical third place. This work is vital to fixing places and helping the people that live in those place.


We routinely witness that standard planning isn’t taking the needs of small and mid-sized communities seriously. With this need remaining unmet, we are witnessing many communities suffer and continue to decline. To achieve this mission, we are against creating unnecessary plans that will not allow for implementation or cause a meaningful impact to the community. Our firms is small, nimble and not beholden to upholding an outdated method of planning. Our services are streamlined and cost effective, removing many of the unnecessary steps to be provide meaningful and effective strategies for communities, where it is needed most.